Color Kitchen

Color kitchen

The best system for colour’s dosing

The classic definition of “colour kitchen“, comes from the environment in which colors were  or are prepared . So from that place, similar to an environment of home cooking, in which recipes are carefully prepared in pots and containers of various kinds.
The modern “color kitchen” is a particular automatic batching plant, used both for the preparation of printing  colors than for finishing and dyeing.
The systems can be customized and designed according to the needs of the user.
The ease of use of this type of system, allows the fast dosage of several recipes accurate even in the absence of qualified personnel.
These types of systems are typically composed of five main elements:
  • A suitably sized storage tanks to store the basic colors (both powder and liquid).
  • A loading and recycling station of stored products.
  • One or more dispensers of production and / or sampling.
  • A handling system, more or less automatic both of empty containers that of those full.
  • A software process to manage the plant itself as well as interfacing with operators and enterprise systems.
The significant advantages of an automatic dosing system can be summarized in a few simple words:
Ease of management, execution speed, accuracy and repeatability of the recipes.
Of course, this guarantees a great cost savings.

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