Company profile

Techno Tech s.r.l. is an Italian company with many years of experience in the field of automation applied to various industrial sectors.
Our core business is mainly related to the design and construction of automatic dosing and precision weighing systems.
We also manufacture all the complementary accessories of the dosing lines such as mixing, dissolving, transport, filling and all the support robotics.
We are present in many sectors including textiles, cosmetics, wood, tanning, paints and inks.
We can say that where there is the need to dose colours, chemical auxiliaries, pastes or more or less viscous creams, our dosing systems are certainly among the most suitable to obtain the desired result.
Our research and development department is actively engaged in finding ever more precise and faster solutions for the dosing of liquids, dosing of powders and dosing of granules.

All! From the design to the development of process, management and control software, it is carefully managed internally by our technicians.
Do not hesitate to contact us also for any requests for plants or machines on your specification.