Hydrosulfite dosing machine

automatic systems for hydrosulfite dosing in the preparation of dyed reduction clearing

Automatic and safe Hydrosulfite dosing for preparation of the polyester reduction clearing

Techno Tech s.r.l. designs and manufactures hydrosulfite dosing systems using the safety and precision criteria required for the protection of workers and end users.

Due to its reducing properties it is used in the textile and paper industry and in the synthesis of sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate.
Its primary use is related to the reduction clearing of dyed polyester fabrics, non-woven fabrics or yarns.
Sodium Hydrosulfite or Sodium Dithionite is a salt of dithionic acid and at room temperature it appears as a white solid with a pungent and apparently harmless smell (but be careful! It is not at all !!!)
Being a very harmful product, it must be treated with great care and attention. It is also mandatory to use all the aids necessary to safeguard the health of those who handle it.
As if that were not enough, one of the biggest problems comes from flammability in humid environments (such as dyehouse and paper mills).
For these reasons, the reduction clearing preparations made with our systems take place in a closed environment and in a nitrogen atmosphere.
In addition to the hydrosulfite dosage, all the other chemical components related to the recipe are also automatically dosed.
At the end of the preparation process, the bath can be sent directly, and in a totally automatic way, to the user machine.

The hydrosulfite dosage can be done in various ways:

  • Ponderally by tote bins or big bags.
  • By gravity or volumetrically with transport screw (see also powder dosing ).
  • Through suction by any container.
  • Directly by gravity from the supplier’s drum


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